Six on Saturday – RHS and Gooseberry from the Cape

#six-on-saturday #sixonsaturday Hello, wasn’t sure I would make it today with rather a lot going on but here is Sat 14th April Six on Saturday.

Today the sun has shone, it is such a pleasure to sit in the garden and feel warm sun on your face, absolutely delicious.

1. Cape Gooseberries

I bought some cape gooseberries from Victoriana Nursery which arrived last week. Great looking plants but a little leggy and 2 with blossoms, what to do? I phoned them for help (they were extremely helpful) “Could prune them?” – Yes, “Could I leave them with blossom” – Yes. As I had 4 I decided to do both, and with the prunings I have also potted 2 cuttings up just to see if 4 can become 6, nothing to lose. Oh also pinched the very top of the ones with blossom to encourage more branching below. I even took a photo.

2. RHS Cardiff

RHS Cardiff flower show started yesterday and I have volunteered as a plant finder but only doing one shift tomorrow in the floral marquee from 12 noon (I would have done Friday too but too much going on in work). On Thursday we had our orientation, it was a bit cold, grey and muddy and the place looked like a building site in places but exciting to see it being setup. Feel sure today would have been a good day as the sun has shone and it has been warm sitting in the garden for breaks this afternoon. Am looking forward to tomorrow.

3. Low cost cloche

I bought this low cost cloche from Wilkos last week, only £10 it is great for extra space for plants that can’t be put outside yet. I have put it on top of a cupboard to maximise light as am using it in rather a dark corner. It will take a good 6 trays.

4. Potting on toms

Tomatoes are potted on, 3 varieties from seed – Maskotka (cherry bush), golden grape and prima vera. They are happily sitting on shelves in front upstairs window in warm sunshine.

5. Comfrey study

I have been a member of Garden Organic for a couple of years and this year have put my name down for a study on the use of comfrey. Although I don’t grow my own yet my allotment neighbour does and every year produces lots of bottles of it that he shares (I consider myself very blessed having Ron as my neighbour). I will be growing my own this year and every year I use a lot of Rons comfrey tea on my plants so I felt I could input into the study. I am interested to use the leaves as a mulch as well. While I can’t say I am an organic gardener as such I definitely have quite stringent views on pesticides and fertilizers so am always happy to use an organic alternative.

6. Neem oil

Or is it neam oil, I forget. I bought this recently to use on aphids and as I today found a small infestation on one of my coriander plants was this afternoon reading up on its uses. My goodness it gets used for a lot of things. I will report back if it solves my aphid problem on the one plant. I will be trying a mix of neem oil, washing-up liquid and water, it seems that the proportion of oil you need is very small and the washing up liquid is to help as an emulsifier (think I have got that right). Quite a good discussion here,

Well that’s my lot today, am looking forward to reading other s-o-s posts. Have a good week.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – RHS and Gooseberry from the Cape

  1. The cape gooseberries will be a nice addition to your garden. I remember them from when I was a child in NZ. Very interesting about the neem oil. A good organic way of treating pests.

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    • It’s all trial and error and last year even though I was washing and cleaning plants the little blighters just kept coming back. I have no problem in squishing them but something that will keep them away andnis organic would be good. Will report back on progress.


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